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3,5 oz. Burn time : approximately 25 hours.
9,7 oz. Burn time : approximately 50 hours.



Pennyroyal Mint, Peppermint, Clary Sage

فليو، السلمية، نعناع


Hafa { حافا }.

Hafa is the name of a mythical café in Tangiers known for its stunning view of the straits of Gibraltar. The Spanish Coast can be seen on the horizon. ULILI created a fragrance inspired by the perfumed mint tea served in Café Hafa to its many generations of visitors.


An old fishing boat slowly leaving Tangier’s bay in the last gleams of sunshine before dusk. On the other side of the strait, the lights of Tarifa already glowing, welcome another night. The last guests of the Café Hafa are entranced by the magic of the view. From their tall glasses filled with burning tea escapes the perfumes of pennyroyal mint, sage and sweet marjoram. On the neighboring table, a forgotten book, «The sheltering sky» by Paul Bowles...