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Available sizes:
9,7 oz. Burn time : approximately 50 hours.



Wild mint, Artemisia, Cistus

فليو، القستوس، الشيح


Talist { تالست }.

means snow in Berber. The camphorated notes of different mints and artemisia evoke the freshness of the snow. While the concordance of cistus and cedar reminds us of the resinous perfumes of vegetation in the high peaks of the Atlas.

* 10% of our income from the sales the Talist candle will be given to the NGO Matter of Act in order to help them in their actions to preserve the heritage of rock carvings in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. For more information, please visit their website


The morning sun, high up in the blue heavens, casts its golden light on the snow-covered mountain. The wind, carrying the scent of cistus and wild mint, sweeps the headstone carved by the first free man. May the camphor flame of Talist revive the wisdom long forgotten…